Privacy at TIVVEL

At TIVVEL, we place the highest priority on managing privacy processes and safeguards to safeguard our customers’ personal data and uphold individual privacy rights.

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Robust Security Measures

TIVVEL employs cutting-edge practices in both technical and organizational aspects to protect customer personal data effectively.

Robust Security Measures

TIVVEL employs cutting-edge practices in both technical and organizational aspects to protect customer personal data effectively.

Robust Security Measures

TIVVEL employs cutting-edge practices in both technical and organizational aspects to protect customer personal data effectively.

TIVVEL handles customer data in accordance with our Privacy Policy and relevant Data Processing Addendum (DPA). Our Privacy Policy outlines the procedures related to the collection, usage, and sharing of personal data. It undergoes an annual review to ensure compliance with privacy laws and regulations and includes information on how individuals can exercise their privacy rights under applicable laws.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Our adherence to the GDPR principles demonstrates our dedication to safeguarding the privacy and rights of our users. We prioritize transparency, accountability, and security across all our operations.

Requests from Data Subjects

TIVVEL fulfills data subject requests for access, correction, deletion, and data portability in accordance with the laws applicable to our users’ locations. Data subject requests can be submitted by contacting dpo@tivvel.com.


Our Cookie Policy outlines the impact of cookies on our website visitors. The use of cookies in our products is determined by our Data Processing Agreement (DPA). None of our products rely on cookies to function. We respect our customers’ freedom to choose which cookies they want to use and which ones they don’t.

Record of Processing Activities (ROPA)

TIVVEL conducts data mapping assessments and maintains a log of processing activities to gain a deeper understanding and effective management of the personal data under our control or processing. However, as a data processor, we do not maintain records of the specific personal data that our customers may store on the TIVVEL platform. We encourage our customers to maintain their records of processing activities related to their utilization of our products and services.

Data Processing Addendum (DPA)

To assist our customers in meeting their privacy obligations, TIVVEL provides a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) outlining the terms governing the processing of customer personal data. This includes the security measures in place to protect such data. Our DPA ensures that TIVVEL’s handling of customer personal data complies with relevant privacy laws and respects individuals’ privacy rights. For our enterprise customers, we also offer the option to include individual privacy requirements.

Cross-Border Data Transfers

TIVVEL places great importance on cross-border data transfers and provides options for our customers to use our products without requiring any cross-border transfers of Personal Identifiable Information (PII). We diligently ensure that any companies involved in data transfers are certified under the EU-U.S Data Privacy Framework, Swiss-U.S. Data Privacy Framework, and UK Extension to the EU-U.S Data Privacy Framework. This commitment guarantees that all data transfers comply with international standards and maintain the highest level of security.


TIVVEL employs sub-processors to deliver essential infrastructure and additional services. Before enlisting any sub-processors, TIVVEL conducts a risk assessment based on privacy, security, and confidentiality practices. We establish agreements that enforce relevant privacy and security obligations, including the use of suitable data transfer mechanisms when necessary. We will notify our customers before introducing any new sub-processors. For further details and a list of our sub-processors, please refer to TIVVEL’s sub-processors page.

Data Security

TIVVEL adopts industry-leading practices in both technical and organizational measures to ensure the security and protection of customer personal data. Our commitment to data privacy and security is paramount, and we have implemented robust safeguards to maintain the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of the data entrusted to us by our customers. For more information about our security measures, please review the Security at TIVVEL section.

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