Terms of Service

At TIVVEL, we place the highest priority on managing privacy processes and safeguards to safeguard our customers’ personal data and uphold individual privacy rights.

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“Access Information”: Refers to login details such as usernames and passwords for accessing the TIVVEL platform. “Authorized Users”: Individuals or entities using the TIVVEL platform on behalf of and for the benefit of the user. “Content”: Includes text, images, videos, audio, and any other data accessible through TIVVEL. “TIVVEL Applications”: Refers to the software provided by TIVVEL for capturing and playing videos. “TIVVEL Cloud Service”: The internet-based service for video storage, streaming, and chat used in conjunction with TIVVEL Applications and/or Your Applications. “TIVVEL Player”: The embedded video playback application provided by TIVVEL. “TIVVEL Software”: Encompasses TIVVEL Applications and TIVVEL Tools. “TIVVEL Solution”: Includes TIVVEL Cloud Service, TIVVEL Software, Support Services, and all other services and features offered by TIVVEL. “TIVVEL Tools”: Comprises software tools, documentation, APIs, and materials provided to facilitate development and use of TIVVEL, including the TIVVEL Player. “Order”: The agreement specifying the services, subscriptions, and terms, either digitally or physically accepted by the user. “Other Applications”: Refers to user-owned or third-party software, content, or services not provided by TIVVEL but used in conjunction with TIVVEL.


2.1 Availability: TIVVEL provides access to its services as per the agreed Order, and the user acknowledges that TIVVEL’s availability may change.
2.2 Evaluation Trial: During the Evaluation Trial, any data created or customized will be lost unless a subscription is maintained. The Evaluation Trial is provided “as is” without warranty.
2.3 Consent to Emails: Users agree to receive email communications from TIVVEL related to their subscriptions and services.
2.4 Reservation of Rights: TIVVEL retains all rights to its software and content. No patent licenses are granted.
2.5 Your Content: Users retain all rights to their content.


3.1 Necessary Systems: Users must have the required hardware, software, and connectivity for effective use of TIVVEL. Usage may incur data charges.
3.2 Feedback: Users agree that TIVVEL can use feedback provided for product development without compensation.
3.3 Information: Users consent to TIVVEL collecting anonymized data for service improvement and compliance.
3.4 Unauthorized Use: Users agree not to use TIVVEL in violation of laws, third-party rights, or for competitive purposes.
3.5 Notifications: TIVVEL may notify users of changes via site banners or email.
3.6 Notifications to Us: Users must notify TIVVEL in writing before taking actions contrary to these terms.
3.7 Administration and Moderation: Users are responsible for chat function administration and moderation, complying with applicable legislation.


4.1 License Grant: Users are granted a non-transferable license for internal use and development of Your Applications.
4.2 Updates: TIVVEL Software may update automatically. Users must accept updates to continue using TIVVEL.
4.3 Unauthorized Use: Users agree not to copy, distribute, modify, or sublicense TIVVEL Software.
4.4 Ownership: TIVVEL retains all rights to its software and intellectual property.
4.5 Reverse Engineering: Reverse engineering is prohibited except where directly applicable law allows it.
4.6 Open Source: Certain components may be subject to open-source licenses.
4.7 Services Deliverables: TIVVEL retains rights to deliverables provided as part of Support Services.


5.1 Access Information: Users are responsible for keeping Access Information secure and notifying TIVVEL of any unauthorized use.
5.2 Responsibility for Content: Users are responsible for all content and must back up their data.
5.3 Use of Content: TIVVEL may refuse or delete content that violates terms.
5.4 Propriety of Content: Users agree not to transmit inappropriate or infringing content.
5.5 Account Data: TIVVEL has no responsibility for data loss.


6.1 Responsibility: Users are solely responsible for Other Applications.
6.2 Use of Your Content: Other Applications may access user content as needed for interoperability.



8.1 Subscriptions: Users must pay fees as specified in the Order. Payments are non-refundable.
8.2 Orders: All payments must be made according to the terms specified.
8.3 Billing Statement: Users are responsible for retaining billing statements.
8.4 Response to Process: Users must reimburse TIVVEL for expenses related to responding to legal requests.
8.5 Taxes: Users are responsible for all taxes except those based on TIVVEL’s net income.

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